Science Journalism

Selected published works

Elizabeth Fulhame, A Forgotten Chemistry Pioneer, Physics Today, 2020

Biologist Lynika Strozier Dies, The Scientist, 2020

High School Health Workers? It Works, YES! Magazine, 2020

Helping students (re)think of themselves as scientists, Chemical & Engineering News, 2020

Surgical Robots are Surging In Popularity. So Will Their Data, Undark, 2020

Yellow Dye in Turmeric Linked With Lead Poisoning in Bangladesh, The Scientist, 2019

How to Be a Great Science Editor at a Student Publication, The Open Notebook, 2019

Do you acknowledge? Chemistry World, 2018

Healthcare Copywriting/Content

Claire’s commercial writing includes website pages, blog posts, and white papers for healthcare companies. For more info visit her portfolio website Grey Lynx Creative.

Important Disambiguation

If you’ve read this summary of my writing and found yourself wholly confused, it’s possible you were looking for the other Claire Jarvis with a PhD who is also a writer. She focusses on sexuality and gender in Victorian and Modernist literature and can be found at ClaireJarvis DOT net. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.