Biography and Contact Info

Originally from Scotland, Claire obtained her Organic Chemistry PhD from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (USA) in 2017.

Before that, Claire completed pharmaceutical industry internships in Switzerland and the United States. She worked as a healthcare copywriter and science journalist, before settling into her current role as a medical writer.

Claire’s writing has appeared in Chemical & Engineering News, Chemistry World, OneZero Medium, Physics Today, The Open Notebook, The Revelator, The Scientist, Undark, and YES! Magazine.


Wikipedia Fellow (Women in STEM), 2018

SciFinder Future Leader in Chemistry, 2014


  • Claire grew up in a small coastal fishing village outside St Andrews, Fife. Her social media username ‘St Andrews Lynx’ is a play on the name of the town’s famous golf course.
  • Some of Claire’s past & present hobbies include karate, ballroom dancing, hillwalking/hiking, and debating.
  • She enjoys taming feral kittens.
  • Her cat is a called Snapdragon.


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